Evolved brand identity: A new dimension for Betashares

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Founded over a decade ago, Betashares has grown to become one of Australia’s leading fund managers.

Today we manage over $25B and are assisting over 800k customers to financially progress.

To better match Betashares’ ethos of progress, we have refreshed our brand identity in a way that both honours our past while looking towards the future.

At the heart of our evolved brand is the ‘Betashares Prism’ – a symbol that reflects the multi-faceted nature of our services, our mission of progress, and the depth and dimension of our client base, products, and solutions.

In conjunction with the new brand-mark, we have refreshed Betashares’ overall visual identity, including a redesigned website that will boast a suite of features to aid both individual investors and financial professionals.

While we have changed how we look, our commitment to high-quality and innovative investment solutions remains the same. Australian investors and their advisers can continue to count on Betashares to help them build wealth and financially progress, no matter their starting point.